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Starkweather: Immortal Graphic Novel

The original hardcover graphic novel by Dave Rodriguez, Piers Anthony, and art by me! This collects and completes the entire Starkweather: Immortal series - 160 pages, published by Archaia.

Dave's description:

Today, witches are hunted at every turn. The Twelve Great Houses have collapsed under betrayal and infighting; they have abandoned their charges, forsaking the very source of their gifts. They teeter on the brink of extinction and their best chance at survival a five-year-old boy with enough power to topple mountains disappeared fifteen years ago. That boy has become a man who doesn t remember what he was. The very spell that was woven to hide him from the world also has hidden his true self, leaving him a directionless disappointment who wants nothing more than to spend his life in wonderful obscurity. It is Alexander Starkweather s destiny to restore the Divine Blood to power and lead them into a new age. But before he can become a witch, he must learn what it means to be a man. 

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STARKWEATHER: IMMORTAL hardcover Graphic Hovel
STARKWEATHER: IMMORTAL hardcover Graphic Hovel